About Us

Kimpaz; a leading company in chemical sector, started trading activities in 1967 by Şaban Filiz, a chemical engineer and chairman of the board; founded in 1980 as a private company and in 1987 became a joint stock company. Kimpaz operates in importing, exporting, sales, marketing, logistics and storage, while following new developments in industry closely and proceeding to provide continuous service to Turkish domestic market for supplying chemical raw materials.

Kimpaz provides qualified raw materials and reliable services to customers in competitive conditions with its dynamic, expert, innovative and customer oriented work team, as much as strong logistics network and long term relations with world’s top chemical manufacturers. Acquired in 2006, the company certify its total quality approach with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System as well. In addition, with its sensitiveness in product safety, transport and storage safety, occupational health and safety, sustainability and environment protection, the company operates with a strong sense of responsibility to create a difference in business.

Kimpaz holds significant references from different sectors while rendering service to multiple industries such as detergent, cosmetics, food, pharma, textile, leather, plastics, rubber, polyurethane, construction, paint, polyester and agriculture. Believing in continuous growth, Kimpaz offers service to more than 3000 customers around Turkey through its 5000 m2 main building of modern logistics in Tuzla, Istanbul.